Fender USA Stratocaster 1989 Green Flame Burst HM Strat Ultra Plus (?) Rare Locking Tremolo Kahler

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This is an odd and extremely rare guitar. Even more oddly I found two, and this is the second.  I can not find out which model this is exactly, Its something like a HM / Strat Plus / Strat Ultra, and even lends itself to some specs to a contemporary but doesn't perfectly match any of those.

What is here appears to all be original, but there's a lot of things that are worth noting. The tone pot was removed all together at some point, there is a crack in the headstock, and it is missing the Khaler locking nut pieces and tremolo bar. 

The guitar still outputs as it should and sounds great, I took a look at the electronics, and the wiring for the tone pot was not present. There is a ground wire that could be used but no lead. I would definitely add that back, but I am not familiar with the wiring scheme for this guitar (HSS one tone, one volume, coil split). The guitar can be a bit noisy, not sure if that is from the lack of the tone pot. 

This guitar shows A LOT of wear. Plenty blemishes / scratches / ect throughout the neck and body. Lots of cosmetic wear.

The switch is a coil tap. The bridge pickup is a Dimarzio and the neck and middle are your typical Fender American single coils from the time. These are the original pickups. 

This guitar is quite rare and the only other that has been sold on Reverb was the other one I found.

You can see the other one of these guitars I found in my sold listings (listed at $1995) As you can see I have priced this one more than fairly, and certainly factored in the aforementioned issues. Even the prior one one was pretty beat up and not without its issues. I was able to cross-reference things from both guitars to confirm its originality. This was made in 1989 and sold as a USA Fender, based on some of the craftsmanship, I wouldn't be surprised if some of the components (such as the neck) where originally manufactured at the Fender Japan factory, and it was assembled with other USA parts in the USA plant and sold as an American Fender, as that was happening a bit at the time.    

Due to the cosmetic condition and obscurity on this, it is being sold as-is, no returns on this one.

Please see pictures for exact condition and details.

If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks for looking!

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