Fender Lead III with Rosewood Fretboard 1981 Aged Olympic White / Yellow Made in USA Vintage HH

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This guitar is awesome! Plays and sounds great. Everything appears to be all original, aside from 2 ferrules I had to replace, which I swapped in proper Fender ones for.

The finish is pretty rough, its faded a lot to more of a yellow-ish color and has a weird feel to it. I know this guitar was gigged heavily before it came into my hands. The are some dings/divits in the fretboard I did my best to picture, mostly on the finish couple frets. I can tell this guitar was played very hard lol. Frets are used and show expected wear, but still play great.

Everything works great! Shows a good amount of wear, but ready for lots more play!

Please see pictures for exact condition and details.

If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks for looking!