Cremona Model 400 1960s-1970s Natural Soviet Union Made In Czechoslovakia Vintage Classical Guitar

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Vintage Cremona Model 400 classical guitar, made in Czechoslovakia, estimated to be from the 1960s or 1970s. The serial is #21, leading me to believe this is the 21st guitar made, at least of this model. 

The action is really high, especially as you get higher on the neck. Its still playable on the lower frets, but this really needs to be addressed. There is some evidence the neck has already been reset before, such as the viable blue around the heel, and break in the binding, but it may need to be done again. I'm not super knowledgeable on classical guitar setups and repairs, so I'm not sure what other options there may be, but no matter the case, this needs to be addressed so it can be played again properly.

Cosmetically the guitar shows a lot of wear. Lots of dents, dings, scratches, ect. Its not in bad shape considering its age, but this certainly has a lot of battle scars.

It sounds great! Very articulate and defined tone. 

This guitar would greatly benefit from a proper restring, and cleanup, as well as whatever needs to be done to bring the action down. 

It does not stay in tune well now, and the tuning keeps slipping down.

Due to these issues, and the cosmetic condition, this guitar is being sold 100% as-is, buyer amuses risk on the project. Returns will not be accepted on this due to this.

Its a super cool display piece as of now, but will need work to return it to its former glory.

Please see pictures for exact condition and details.

If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks for looking!